Mozart and Strauss – In The Palace Of Schoenbrunn

Mozart and Strauss concert

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How to dress for a concert

The purpose of going to a concert is to see your favorite band play live music and have some fun. The best attire to wear for a concert depends on the type of concert you intent to attend. There are several types of concert out there and being in the right attire will save you a great deal of embarrassment. Just picture someone with cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirt at a classical concert Vienna.

Types of concert wear

The best way to know the kind of attire to wear in a concert is to look at the musicians. For instance, if you are in a rock concert you will see the lead singer wearing t-shirt and tight pants. The t-shirt may be printed with crazy graphical material like leopard prints. For ladies you might want to wear some pants with heels and oversized t-shirts with dangling earrings will be a perfect match. If you are going for a classical music concert then suits, dresses and tuxedos are the types of outfits to look out for. Keep in mind that it is better to be overdressed when going for a concert than to be underdressed.

Things to consider

Being in the right outfit during a concert will save you a great deal of embarrassment. Always get your inspiration from the artists and the culture of the music. Every genre of music has its own culture that is different from the rest. In case you are in doubt overdress and add your own style to be unique. You will need to have a ticket for you to get to the show or concert. Most of the concert tickets are being sold online. Events like the Strauss and Mozart concert usually put their concert tickets online months before the concert. Make sure you get your tickets early so that you get the best seats.



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