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Mozart and Strauss concert

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Concerts at Mozarthaus Vienna

The Mozarthaus Vienna was home of Mozart from 1784 to 1787. It is one of those sites that has been maintained very well. It is now converted into museum of Mozart’s residence which was renovated in its original form in 2004 by Vienna's Wien Holding company that took possession of this museum/residence. They also refurbished the whole building from inside out and then dedicated it to the great composer’s works. Today this venue is perfect for people who are hardcore fans of Mozart as it also has the original rooms in which Mozart himself stayed back in the day.

The package for concerts at Mozarthaus

The concerts here are held since the past 20 years and it definitely represents important cultural part of the city. This venue not only plays Mozart’s composed music but also beautiful melodies of famous composers like Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven. The virtuosic quartet "Mozart Ensemble" plays the amazing compositions of these great classic composers in historical costumes and wigs in order to give an authentic experience of being in that classical era.

The concert rooms are also built in 12th century and is maintained in its original form that are decorated with historical ornaments which takes the experience of being historical up a notch. The concert room at Mozarthaus is not very big but rather small and cozy compared to other halls but it is said that Mozart himself liked this intimate atmosphere and used to perform here repeatedly in 1781. There are three categories of vienna opera tickets available in the form of A, B and students. A category offers seats within first 1 to 3 rows and it’s priced at 59 Euros. B category includes seats in 4 to 6 rows with the price of 49 Euros. Students get special discounts as they are charged 39 Euros on the basis of showing authentic student ID card.                            


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