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Mozart and Strauss concert

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Concerts at Mozarthaus Vienna

The Mozarthaus Vienna was home of Mozart from 1784 to 1787. It is one of those sites that has been maintained very well. It is now converted into museum of Mozart’s residence which was renovated in its original form in 2004 by Vienna's Wien Holding company that took possession of this museum/residence. They also refurbished the whole building from inside out and then dedicated it to the great composer’s works. Today this venue is perfect for people who are hardcore fans of Mozart as it also has the original rooms in which Mozart himself stayed back in the day.

The package for concerts at Mozarthaus

The concerts here are held since the past 20 years and it definitely represents important cultural part of the city. This venue not only plays Mozart’s composed music but also beautiful melodies of famous composers like Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven. The virtuosic quartet "Mozart Ensemble" plays the amazing compositions of these great classic composers in historical costumes and wigs in order to give an authentic experience of being in that classical era.

The concert rooms are also built in 12th century and is maintained in its original form that are decorated with historical ornaments which takes the experience of being historical up a notch. The concert room at Mozarthaus is not very big but rather small and cozy compared to other halls but it is said that Mozart himself liked this intimate atmosphere and used to perform here repeatedly in 1781. There are three categories of vienna opera tickets available in the form of A, B and students. A category offers seats within first 1 to 3 rows and it’s priced at 59 Euros. B category includes seats in 4 to 6 rows with the price of 49 Euros. Students get special discounts as they are charged 39 Euros on the basis of showing authentic student ID card.                            


The Schönbrunn Palace Concert At Vienna- You Will Be Spellbound


Want to spend a pleasant evening at Vienna with your partner?

Why don’t you consider going to any orchestra or ballet dancing event or any other musical concert? Nothing can be pleasant than these option in a city like Vienna.

Vienna is a place where theatres, classical, music, orchestra, ballet dancing are all being enjoyed on weekends. Different events are being arranged which are literally the live program of different artists. These events are basically the reflection of the culture of the Vienna people.



An excellent time spend with your loved ones

There are many such options and events. But I would suggest not missing out the schönbrunn palace concert and the Mozart and strauss concert, which is just awesome.

The palace concert is literally very popular one and most of the people love to hear them. There are an opera singer who sings with a live orchestra. Even the song is being accompanied with excellent dancers mainly the ballet dancers. The entire environment gives you the feeling of soothing and calm behavior.  You can easily book the tickets through online and get the tickets over you phone too. it is just easy as you think.

Overall the evening will be a pleasant one.

How to get the tickets of the events?

Now coming to the website form where you will be booking the ticket:

There are many but you have to choose the right and certified one:

  • They must be reliable and also secure for any online payment. Check their terms and agreements and norms too
  • They can give you notification as soon as the concert events is declared
  • Look for ticket over the websites which will give you seats in front of the stage.


So if you are to this wonderful city of Vienna, then don’t miss out this pleasant evening. You can keep it in memory for long time and gift you a wonderful time.

Why Do People Buy Online Vienna Concert Tickets

Are you willing to purchase online tickets for the Vienna event? You can easily do that. Do have any idea how many sites are providing online tickets for the concert. So do not miss to book your tickets.

BriefAbout Kursalon

Johann Garben was the designer of Kursalon. Kursalon is the famous music hall in Vienna. It was created in the Italian Renaissance style. Kursalon Vienna is a world-famous music hall. It has four ballrooms. Each ballroomis on the two floors. The terrace is 1000 square meter large, along with a restaurant. You won’t believe that in a year more than 100 concerts are organized in the hall and approx. 2 lacks tourists come to Vienna for this purpose only.

Alt Wien orchestra which is world famous also presents here. Vienna is the most stunning musical city in the world. Many meetings and conferences and ball wedding also take place in Kursalon apart from the concert. It is one of the major tourist spots in Vienna.

Online ticket selling

Online ticket selling has become a trend from the last few years. It is the simplest way to book a ticket. With the grace of the internet, everything has become so easy that within a second you can book your ticket. Earlier people used to stand in a queue for a long time, they had to wait to get the ticket. But now all these hassles have removed because of the online booking system.

The prime benefit of online booking is you can save your valuable time. After a hectic schedule in the office, nobody wants to stand in the queue. Through the internet, you can book the ticket by sitting in your home. Online ticket booking system will offer you more choice of tickets. You can easily choose your favorite seat from the seat option.

Conclusion- Why wasting time in the queue when you have online booking option. Be the part of the Vienna concert and enjoy fullest.

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