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What are Strauss and Mozart concerts

The strauss and mozart concert got its name from the great music composers Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart. They were one of the greatest music composers of that time. Thousands of people came to visit the concert halls and enjoy music from all over the world. The music was mainly concentrated on the Viennese traditional and cultural music. Johann Strauss was the first person to conduct his concert in the Kursalon hall in the year 1868.

The concert

The concert mainly consisted of traditional Viennese songs and also was one of the main tourist attractions in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The audience was entertained by nor only the memorizing music but also by the ballet dancers and opera singers. The people who bought the VIP tickets for the concert were served a glass of wine during the interval of the show which was of 15 minutes. Johann Strauss's musical career flourished because he had the capability of soaking up the historic atmosphere of the hall he was performing in through his songs and music. He has composed over 500 songs mainly related to dance and Viennese tradition and culture. W.A. Mozart or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was mainly inclined towards classical music.



The brilliant works of strauss and mozart concert were stored and preserved safely in the Salon orchestra Alt Wien. The Kursalon Hubner or the Kursalon hall is also a great witness to their brilliant songs and concert. People from all over the world visited the concerts and the tickets were reserved before months of the event. Each event was of two hours with fifteen minutes of intermission. The strauss and mozart concert that the Salon orchestra Alt Wien organized even today, consists of the classical Viennese music and songs that date back to the times when Johann Strauss led his orchestra from the position of his first violin.

These music concerts and historic monuments hold huge value to Austria and especially Vienna. It is one of the best tourist and music lovers' attractions. The contribution of Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart is precious and the hold value even today.


When is the best time to attend a concert in Vienna?

Vienna could be called as the concert city looking at the number of concerts it organises every year. Though every concert in Vienna is special in its way, some of them are a must to attend. There is a special time of the year when you need to go to Vienna to attend them. Here is a list. 


Schönbrunn palace concert, Summer Night 


You could say that the Schönbrunn Palace concert is the first concert of the year. It is held every year since 2004 and the experience here is just unforgettable. The best part of this concert is that you don't need to pay any fee for the entry. All you need to do is to come at least three hours before the concert and you can easily find a seat near the stage. 



The reason why people want the seat near the stage is that the sound cloud is heard till far. However, once the concert starts, the crowd just goes crazy and spread everywhere. There are chances that due to bad weather the concert could be postponed for two to three days. So, if you are coming to Vienna just to attend this concert, then you need to have 2-3 more days in your hands before your flight. This year the concert was held on 18th February.


Concerts on Christmas Eve


Another best time to visit Vienna for the concerts would be Christmas Eve. What could be a better way to celebrate Christmas by getting the tickets for some classical concerts in Vienna. On this occasion, you can enjoy Strauss and Mozart concertwhich is once in a lifetime experience for all the music lovers. This concert is held on 24th and 25th December every year, so you need to book your tickets accordingly. 


New year Eve concerts 


Apart from the Mozart and Strauss concert, you can enjoy the concerts held on the new year's eve. There are a lot of concerts that are held on 31st December. You can just check the calendar and can book your tickets. 


These are some of the best timings for attending concerts in Vienna. Now that you know about it, we are sure you won't have any problem with booking your tickets. 




Classical concert Vienna – Flaming luminously with Bounteous Aesthetically Enriched Concerts


Vienna also known as Austria’s imperial capital is the prime example of the coexistence of both modern and gothic architecture. Blooming with modern corporate buildings and elaborate baroque-era monuments, Vienna lies by the banks of the river Danube. It is full of cosy café’s and comfortable wine taverns. It proudly hosts some of the most culturally enriched concerts, namely the classical concert Vienna and several significant others.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

One of the geniuses in the history of music composition found success and fame in the embrace of the imperial capital and composed many of his famous works during his stay. Due to this the musician has significant influence over classical concert Vienna. Majority of the classical concerts include several versions of Mozart’s pieces.

The Strauss and Mozart concerts

These concerts happen quite frequently once occurring in Lanner hall in the historical venue where once Johann Strauss himself led the orchestra. The concert had spectacular reviews concerning the services available and the amazing music. The same has been said about the concert that took place in Schoenbrunn palace where Mozart himself had played his compositions in 1786.

The concept of classical concert Vienna and dinner

This is extremely common and many of these happen in the palace situated in the heart of the capital. These concerts often ring with Mozart’s melodies paired up with a sumptuous meal and a slight tinge of romance. The reviews are astonishing as usual.

The Vienna orchestra in Musikverein

It plays melodies that rate back to the baroque-era. The world famous musicians are all clothed in Baroque –era attires as the play the soulful melodies of W.A. Mozart. The orchestra offers a three course exquisite dinner prepared by some of Austria’s most talented chefs and allows you to enjoy great music with an equally grandiose meal.

The concerts at Mozarthaus

It provide you with the best of Viennese music performed by the amazing quartet ‘Mozart Ensemble’ clad in historic attires and present to you melodies by Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven.

These soulful and lively classical concert Vienna are quite like the flame to our dark lives, flickering brightly and guiding our lives. These concerts play music that had once been the pop music in a world that many of us have never quite experienced.

Have a great experience with the classical concert Vienna

Who doesn't love shows and concerts? These are undoubtedly a great way of entertainment. One not only enjoys these to the best but these are also quite interesting. Especially the people interested in music can notice great detail about these. Some of the concerts are quite mesmerising but one must surely go through the details before booking the tickets. If you are someone looking for one of the best concerts then need not worry. Anyone who is interested in classics must definitely go to the classical concert Vienna. These have so much to offer and so little price against it. To know more details, just keep reading ahead.

Details of the Concert

It is a Church concert which is quite mesmerising. With seating available for plenty of people, there's no need to worry about anything. You can get to these easily using the metro lines. This one features internationally renowned musicians and orchestras. You can get rid of all the stress and worries in these relaxing 70 minutes.  The beautiful and calming ambience of the Church adds a tinge of gold to the whole concert. The price of the ticket is quite cheap. You can come with as many people you want and enjoy the melodies. The concert also features unique acoustics which is many people's favourites. So get ready to lose yourself to the beautiful melodies with this concert.

Things not to be missed out on

When looking for the classical concert Vienna, you surely won't get any trouble. The fast and secure payment options available will make everything much easier for you. In case of any problems or inquiries, you can contact the customer care service available. They will help you out in the best possible way and as fast as possible. This location is known for its classical concerts which are absolutely unforgettable. If you are someone interested in it, you surely must visit here at least once.

Get ready for a one of a kind experience with this concert. Get your tickets before the seats are full!

Get Your Vienna Opera Tickets and Witness the Musical Grandeur


Vienna hosts centuries-old classical music traditions. Even to the present times, the whole planet is in awe of the magnificence of these performances. Several people owing to their own undying love of music traveling to Vienna annually to be there in their original concerts and also to enjoy the charm cast by the top musical geniuses.

Numerous classical concerts and orchestras are coordinated throughout the year that bring these innumerable music enthusiasts from all over the world. Famous actors show the classical music thing in each of the events.

Every one of the classical concerts organized in the town is marked by the presence of some whopping 10,000 visitors. The concerts range from various genres and sizes. Over 12,000 events are coordinated each year which may be enjoyed by most tourists. A general idea about those fabulous evenings arranged within the city can help tourists and visitors plan their stay accordingly.

Vienna music events, tickets, and other details

Vienna is the heart into endless audio centers which proudly arouses the classical music concerts and operas that the city is really passionate about. Which range from Mozart to Johann Strauss, artists play with the original classics of their musical geniuses. Here is a listing of important spots of appeal -

Mozart and Strauss performance in Kursalon
This place functions as among many original centers for its Mozart and Strauss concerts. These events usually do not need your guests to adhere to any dress code along with Vienna opera tickets can be found in three unique categories including VIP seats. The events arranged here also features ballet performances and opera singer

Classical music concert and researching the city
Vienna also organizes various events where the visitors can enjoy the incredible creations of Mozart in Kursalon Vienna after reveling in the fascinating spots of this city onto a hop-on hop-off bus. Tickets for all these events are also Suggested to be reserved Ahead of Time

These performances by solo artists and famous actors are experiences of a lifetime. In order witness to these magical demonstrations it's recommended to find the Vienna opera tickets from trustable sources and look for convenient options before settling for one.

Grab a Ticket to Strauss and Mozart Concert in Vienna


Make it to Mozart and Strauss Concert in Vienna’s Kursalon, experience an evening filled with Viennese charm at the fantastical Strauss and Mozart concert. Seize the opportunity to listen to the most famous duets, arias, polkas and waltzes performed by the distinguished Salonorchester Alt Wien - the famous Orchestra of Old Vienna.

Duration is 90 minutes, check starting times of concert before fetching tickets of Schonbrunn palace concert.


  • Enjoy an elegant concert of Strauss and Mozart
  • Witness the hall where Strauss supervised his orchestra
  • Experience one of a million most-famed performances of classical Viennese music.

Full description

The “Salonorchester Alt Wien” delivers an exclusive program of the best composition by the popular “waltz-king” Johann Strauss and also the most outstanding pioneer of Viennese Classicism, “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”. Experience the best-known classic Viennese music performances at this incredible concert popularly known in the world capital of music.

Enchanting Ballet soloists, opera singers and virtuosic musicians will bring an evening filled with Viennese magic from the lusty tunes of the waltz to the dramatic duets and arias and the polka. Listen to the finest concertos and works by world’s two greatest composers, brought off by masters at the highest apex of excellence.

Tickets are available. One glass of orange juice or sparkling wine only for VIP members served during intervals. No transportation, cloakroom, snacks and drinks are included.

Additional information:

  • The concert unfolds daily from 8:15 pm till 10:00 pm which includes intermission   as well.
  • Reserved seating only for VIP category, a program, Johann-Strauss CD and a glass full of sparkling wine.

For purchase of tickets:

One can purchase tickets online at their convenience from the e-ticketing shop or one can visit in-person on-site and can collect from the ticket office.

Perks of booking online:

  • Bank transfer or credit card
  • One can print the ticket by themselves
  • Can be ordered from any part of the world anytime within a day
  • Avoid long queue at the ticket office.
  • Direct access to the fast lane

For Palace Park, during opening hours, one can access Palace Park at no charge. Ticket will be needed for those willing to visit Schonbrunn special attractions.

Vienna Opera Tickets Is Available Online And Its Fun


Everyone must be knowing that Vienna is really popular for operas, cultural events, coffee shops, and other entertainment places. There is something for music-lover in Vienna and why not? It is a paradise for music lovers.

Vienna Mozart Orchestra in State Opera

Now you can listen to masterpieces at the best of locations in Vienna. You can go back to the Baroque era with the best of musicians dressed in colorful dresses and wigs. Enjoy the evening at one of the prestigious buildings and also enjoy a sumptuous 3-course dinner.

It is one of the top Events in Vienna. There are 30 musicians who have assembled to entertain you. The orchestra also performs some of the Strauss masterpieces. You have the option of having dinner after or before the concert at the Bristol Lounge. Vienna Opera Tickets are available at the best price online as well. There are 3 categories A, B, and C. Then there is a ticket with and without dinner.

Vienna City Tour & Schönbrunn Palace Afternoon Tour

Vienna Opera Tickets are also available for the Vienna City Tour. It is a 3.5 hours city tour. You can visit the residence which attracts 2,600,000 visitors every year. You will simply fall in love with one of Austria’s magnificent places.

Your ride starts from Operngasse 8, the beautiful coach takes you on a whirlwind tour along the Ringstrasse boulevard. On the way, you will also see the Vienna State Opera. It hosts the ‘Opera Ball’. You will get a glimpse of the royal life all along the way.

You cannot simply make a better choice than these. It is so exciting. Vienna Opera Tickets for all these shows are available online.

Vienna Hofburg Orchestra in Konzerthaus

You can now get to see the best of the opera shows in Vienna. It is one of the more popular waltz. The concert has more than 36 world-class singers and musicians lending soulful music. Tickets are available in two categories I and II.

Tickets are reasonably priced and you can source them online. Vienna Opera Tickets can be bought without any hassles. Be ready to witness these masterpieces by world-renowned musicians and feel proud.

Enjoy the Classical Concert at the Mozart and Strauss Concert


The most important part of a classical concert is a place where the program is taking place. If the concert is taking place in a beautiful place and in a royal setting, you would love to be there. The magnificence and splendor of the place add a significant aura to the program.

Thus we have ensured that the place of Orchestra be such a place where the setting itself keeps you awestruck.

What more should the place have except the decorations?

It should have a choir of singers singing to the tune of happiness. They would make your evening the brightest among the ones you have already spent. The Mozart and Strauss concert gives you the romantic and the royal feeling both at the same instance.

If you have liked to some extent the piece of music by Mozart and the tone of the violin have ever reverberated your feelings, then the site is just the one made for you. If you are thinking to spend the time with a partner or many of them, you can do that too. We have made the required arrangements for such occasions. The treatment at our place depends on the many categories

They extend from the VIP categories to A, B, and C. They have their individual benefits and facilities. The VIP category offers a glass of Champagne or juice to your table at the intermission.

The arrangements made at the place

The seats are booked according to the category. The front two to three rows are for the made for the VIPs and the following ones are for the A, B, C categories. The prices you pay for the ticket are in accordance with the category you choose.

The duration of the program is 2 hours including the breaks in between? There is no specific dress code for the ceremony. You can take the specific metro services to reach the venue. The Mozart concert at the Schönbrunn palace concert gives you the royal feeling. You can experience the largest orchestra with the ballet dancers and singers from April to January 2nd. The other times of the year you enjoy the small concerts. The tickets have a variety of ranges and can be booked easily on choosing the time and date of the program.

The Strauss Concert Vienna Will Be A Fitting Tribute To Mozart And Strauss.


The opera event place to stage in the kursalon vienna is making all the perfect noises in a short moment. The requirement for tickets of the numerous categories is getting sold like hot cakes via the internet portal site. Even the VIP seats got out of stock inside a few hours in spite of the steep price the organizers are all charging. The type of service offered on VIP seat holders is not just exceptional but worth the money. Even the VIP chairs allocated at the first two rows of the hall, and complimentary wine served at the intermission of event takes the whole experience to the next degree.

The popularity of opera music fulfilled using a slump because of the growing popularity of other kinds of entertainment. Younger generation has very little understanding about the works of Mozart, Strauss, and also a lot more musicians that used to weave amazing dreams by using their own music. Even the Strauss concert Vienna focuses on this particular aspect and intends to enlighten the younger generation regarding their own lust.

The Kursalon hallway selected if looks fitting since it really is one of those halls in Vienna at which Johann Strauss II played together with his orchestra. The addition of various leading ballet dancers in the big event will consider the full experience into yet another measurement.

The two hour tribute show:

The organizers invited a number of the top opera singers of the present day to do at this situation and provide a fitting tribute into stalwarts of these genre. The organizers inside their official website particularly noted that people planning to attend this particular event do not need to adhere to some specific dress code, making it one of a type gentleman occasion.

The wheelchair access provision in the hallway:

The wheelchair availability in the hallway will please a lot of people fighting using their physical shortcomings and forget it all to get one day and become a part of something historical. The strauss concert Vienna will display some of the cherry-picked works of W.A. Mozart and Johann Strauss.


Vienna is a city known for its musical shows held at the various state opera house, and one of the most famous among them is the " Strauss and Mozart concert."
People from all over the world, especially come and visit Vienna to attend this show and enjoy its beauty.  The ticket's prices range from person to person, i.e., from high to low. 
The Strauss and Mozart concert is always organized by the Kursalon Vienna Opera House and before the performance; a light dinner with a glass of fantastic wine is served to the people which adds a belonging to the experience of the attendees.
Here are the reasons why one gets mesmerized after the show: 
It a classical concert that offers an exceptional and splendid collection of the most beautiful pieces written by Johann Strauss and W. A. Mozart.
It offers superb and also breathtaking performances by the great artists in their purest forms and with a subtle touch of Viennese charm.
It is worth the audience’s time and money as it keeps you engrossed throughout the concert, giving you Goosebumps and taking you to another world filled with emotions and great music.
The Strauss and Mozart concert would take you back to the era of Imperial Vienna and refurbish the history of Vienna and its artist and this all made possible by the Vienna Residence Orchestra.
In a nutshell, the concert creates magic on its audience and brings a lively and enthusiastic environment among them. It is prevalent among the people (especially people who love these opera performances and classical music) all over the world due to Johann Strauss and W. A. Mozart's traditional and breathtaking musical pieces which are performed by various talented artists. The Strauss and Mozart concert bring back the age-old culture of musical shows of Vienna to life.

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