Mozart and Strauss – In The Palace Of Schoenbrunn

Mozart and Strauss concert

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If you are in Vienna then by hook or by crook you should take out some time to attend of the concerts that Vienna hosts each night.

Irrespective of your choice in music genre, be it Beethoven, be it Mozart or be it Strauss, classical music concerts in Vienna are something that should never be missed.

If you are planning to attend a Mozart and Strauss concert, then let us discuss the key information that can be of help to you.

The concert is generally organized for 2 hours including an intermission break of 15 minutes on selected days at Orangery Schonebrunn. It may take place in the Great Gallery of White Gold Rooms of the Schoenbrunn Palace.

It is the place where Mozart himself performed back in the year 1786. The Schönbrunn Palace concert is a very sought after selection of Mozart and Strauss’ masterful music added with vocal and dance performances. Since the beginning of the Festival Orchestra in Schoenbrunn Palace, the concerts play an integral role in the musical and cultural life of Vienna.

Seating Arrangements

The VIP category provides you the best seats in the couple of first rows. During the interval, a glass of sparkling wine will be served to each of the visitors in the VIP category. Apart from the VIP category, there are three other sections for seating arrangements, section A: constituting of the front section seats, section B comprising of the middle section seats and the rear section is constituents of section C.

Program Schedule

From the first day of April month until the end of October and from the 25th of December to January 2nd, the large orchestra in inclusion with the ballet dancers and singers rock the stage. An octet of the smaller ensemble along with the singers and ballet dancers will perform the stage for the rest time period.

So no matter whenever you are Vienna, you can always attend a concert in the Schoenbrunn Palace if you really wish to. So don’t miss the chance and be sure to book yourself a ticket and enjoy the core of Vienna at its best.